Intel Plans to Revamp Montevina Chip This Spring

Posted Saturday, October 25, 2008 by Daniel Shain

Intel will be releasing a new wave of Montevina chips for laptops. The new chips will provide a nice power boost over the chips currently on the market.

Intel is planning some big changes down the road, as it’s working on developing chips with the new Core i7 architecture which will all be quad-core and quite nice. But in the shorter term, Intel is refreshing its current Centrino 2 chips for laptops to give you a little more punch for your mobile computing. Intel is providing two new chips, the 2.66GHz P8800 and the 3.0GHz T9900. These are the final planned chips for this line before Intel switches entirely to Core i7, and they are expected to be ready for production by Spring 2009. So if you’re waiting for the holidays to get yourself a new notebook anyway, it might be a good idea to wait another few months if you think you can make it. Via gizmodo ยด