Intel Demonstrates WREL Wireless Power Supply

Intel has taken another step in the wireless power world with their “Wireless Energy Resonant Link,” which they demonstrated powering a 60 watt bulb.

Thanks to the geniuses at MIT the use of resonant magnetic fields to transmit electricity without wires has been talked about for a little while in the form of WiTricity. More recently however, Intel has teamed up with the MIT folk to explore what they call “resonant induction,” resulting in a technology which will be able to power your devices from several feet away with greater than 50% efficiency. Resonant induction is already in use for small devices like electric toothbrushes, but the new technology does not require a physical touch like the current tech does. There are other companies competing with Intel, and we think this competition is good. We can’t wait until one of them figures out how to remove the bulky power cords and batteries of the world… and it may come sooner rather than later. Via thefutureofthings