Veriface Facial Recognition – A BrightIdeaPad

First we had the adventurous acquisition of the Thinkpad brand, then the release of the 3000 line-up, now we hear Lenovo have released a family of laptops boasting facial recognition technology. If you are fed up with typing in logins and passwords, an Ideapad could be the notebook for you.

Image of Lenovo IdeapadDon’t bealarmed, but a strange old condition has returned to our modernsociety. It has been affecting more and more people across theland. It strikes when folks least expect it-while they are in theshower, laying their head down on the pillow at night, at work.And once it hits, this condition can change your life forever,leading to bouts of concentration, inspiration and even ambition.It’s called … thinking.
But don’tworry! Lenovo, the Chinese laptop maker and the current curatorof IBM’s old Thinkpad line, has a cure for this ailment. It’scalled-of all things!-the IdeaPad notebook, and it will help youdeal with those moments when thinking takes hold. Simply turn onyour IdeaPad, no need to type in your security password as yourface will be recognized by the VeriFace scanning security systemvia the Web cam, access your favorite creative software, andhammer away on the keyboard until all of your thoughts havedissipated.

Of course, using the IdeaPad could come with some side effects.The 17-inch (Y710) and 15-inch (Y510) glossy widescreen displays,combined with the Dolby Home Theater speaker system andeasy-to-access multimedia controls, could lead you to hours ofdistraction and entertainment with your favorite DVD or audiofiles.

It is also possible to suffer from discovering old friends onlineon social networking sites through the wireless LAN hookup, orcollecting too many new songs and photos files with the 250GBhard drive and the 6-in-1 card reader.

Lastly, the IdeaPad could lead to new, attractive acquaintancesbeing attracted to you at the coffee shop or classroom because ofits sleek chassis and frameless screen, its touchy-feely lightweave texture, or the fact that it’s a green laptop with manylead-free parts. We found a deal under 600 dollars for the Y510Ideapad, but for the Y710 you’re looking at over a grand. Lenovoplan to release a U110 ultraportable later in march.

Thinking. It truly can be a problem. Thankfully, there’s IdeaPadto help you cope with that creativity.