The IBM Thinkpad R52: The Medium of Wireless Made Easy

The wonders of wireless technology have been a boon for businesses, but typically only large corporations have profited from it. It’s not for lack of interest from medium-sized businesses, or need for that matter. Wireless technology is essential for companies with employees who travel offsite often, or who need mobility within the office (say, to work in a lab).

The security and complicated technology behind wireless systems, however, have hampered medium-sized businesses. With the ThinkPad R52 (a laptop equipped with Sonoma technology and the IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems), these businesses no longer have an excuse.

This collaboration between two of the biggest names in the tech sector has produced the first end-to-end wireless network to address the needs of companies in the mid-range size (100 to 1,000 employees). IBM and Cisco have solved the two obstacles of security and ease of use.

The linchpin of the whole system could be the recently released IBM ThinkPad R52 notebook. At under 6 pounds, the notebook provides the kind of power and versatility previously reserved for only the big boys.

Now small and medium businesses can fuel their productivity with the so-called Sonoma Intel Centrino Mobil Technology, along with Pentium M processors and Intel 802.11b wireless connectivity. Besides the most powerful hardware in the R Series, the notebook also offers a Multi-Burner Plus Ultrabay Enhanced Drive for both CDs and DVDs.

This notebook will fit neatly into the IBM Secure Wireless Networking Solution for Cisco Systems. The Solution’s IBM software, such as Embedded Security Subsystem and Websphere Everyplace Connections Manager, guarantees seamless wireless connections. Meanwhile, passwords, user IDs, and other valuable data are also safeguarded. Plus, with Cisco servers, routers, and access points, you are ensured the reliability you would expect from the infrastructure leader.

By Matthew Brodsky

Friday, March 18, 2005