IBM Lenovo Laptop Reviews & News

Thinkpads were first developed and manufactured by IBM, however in 2004 International Business Machines announced that the Lenovo Group was buying IBM’s coveted brand. Thinkpad aficionados were left worrying if this was the end of an era. Fears were allayed in July 2005 after Lenovo unveiled the innovative X41 Tablet PC. Since then Lenovo have released a number of quality Thinkpads featuring widescreen displays, enhanced security and wi-fi connectivity. They have even had the time to launch their own make of Lenovo laptops. It’s still early days, but positive feedback from a host of tech journalists and publications indicate that IBM’s Thinkpad brand is in a safe pair of hands.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y530

Lenovo continues its push into the consumer segment – this time with the IdeaPad Y530, a successor to the Y510 with some interesting updates. Read More

Lenovo IdeaPad S10

Choosing a netbook that suits you often comes down to aesthetics, and by that measure the Lenovo S10 has a lot of things going for it. It’s possibly one of the best-looking netbooks around. It has a 10.2-inch LED backlit screen and comes in five different colors – red, blue, pink, black and white like our review model. Read More

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Display More Accurate Than Macbook Pro

Well, this came as a surprise. Whether you liked Macs or you didn’t, for a long time it has been hard not to concede that Macbook displays have been superior to standard notebook displays, much to the joy of photographers and designers everywhere. So what’s all this about a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 topping the new MBP 15″ in color accuracy? Read More

Lenovo Debuts Thee New IdeaPad Y-Series Notebooks

Rounding out the Lenovo announcements are several laptops that would be great for people who want something smaller than the new W700ds, but larger than the new IdeaPad S10 – The IdeaPad Y650, Y550 and Y430. Read More

Lenovo Refreshes IdeaPad S10 Netbook

Lenovo has taken their S10 netbook and added new features designed to make it easier to use social networks, as well as the computer itself. Read More

Lenovo Officially Announces W700ds

We recently received word, confidential until a few hours ago, of Lenovo’s official announcement for the W700ds mobile workstation. This laptop boasts some impressive features, none more unique than the innovative sliding secondary screen. Read More

W700 Gains Dual LCD Screen, Becomes Even Clunkier

We all know about desktop replacements, the style of laptops designed to be big and powerful enough to replace a desktop. But a laptop designed to replace a desktop rig running dual monitors? This we had to see to believe. Read More Deals: Lenovo ThinkPad X300 for $1322 has spotted another great deal for you. Formerly just under $3000 in price, this elite business notebook can now be yours for a very reasonable price. Read More

The Key To Laptop Security? Text Messaging.

Lenovo has introduced a technology that allows you to shut down and securely encrypt your computer with a simple text message. Read More

Lenovo Announces Portable HDD So Secure, You Can See It

Lenovo’s ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drive is so secure that you can tell it’s password protected from a mile away… Read More