HP Mini 1000 Officially Goes 3G

Posted Saturday, December 6, 2008 by Daniel Shain

HP is announcing that its Mini 1000 netbook can, for a fee, be equipped with mobile broadband from either AT&T or Verizon.

First it was a hack, and now it’s finally official news. The HP Mini 1000 can finally be purchased with embedded 3G capabilities. We applaud HP’s decision to help bring 3G to the US, but the deal just doesn’t look as good as some others we’ve seen. Not only will it cost you a full $199 to purchase the upgrade without any mention of subsidies from the carriers, but it seems you cannot even order the upgrade and still get an SSD in your unit. If you try to customize your Mini 1000 on the site with WWAN, you will be forced into getting the HDD. We haven’t gotten our hands on the 3G Mini 1000 yet, so hopefully it’s lightning fast or has some other great perk to make it worth the extra cost. Otherwise, unless you really just like the netbook, it might be best to try another netbook for 3G or at least wait until prices come down. Via laptopmag ยด