gOS Cloud Loads Websites On Netbooks In Seconds

Posted Monday, December 1, 2008 by

Good OS has released another of their gOS Ubuntu Linux-based operating systems, which is called the gOS Cloud.

The selling point of this operating system is that it can load up a web browser within seconds of powering on, allowing the user to access the web and all other features within the internet “cloud”. The computer which will be packaged with it, the Gigabyte M912 tablet netbook, will also be loaded with Windows XP, so you’re not limited to stricly cloud functions. If you can make it out in the screenshot (click to [slightly] enlarge), you can see the OS quite literally consists of a browser plus a Mac-ish dock for your shortcuts and for switching to XP or powering on/off. If you’re looking for more information (or just a bigger screenshot), the lilliputing folks have some words for you. ยด