Gateway Laptop Reviews & News

Gateway is one of the smaller notebook companies. There are relatively few different models available, but on the other hand, they come with highly varying configurations. You can either customize your Gateway laptop to get the specifications you require, or purchase prebuilt laptops at your local retailer.

Upcoming From Gateway, the Attractive MC7803u

Gateway is releasing the MC7803u later this week, presenting another stylish and affordable option for laptop users. Read More

The Extra Large Gateway Laptop: M-150XL

In recent times notebooks like the M-150XL have helped to reinvigorate Gateway’s brand. With a choice of three jazzy colors including Pacific Blue and Garnet Red, this notebook can be currently purchased for under a $1,000. Read More

Four New Notebooks With Core Duo Processors

Gateway has rung in the new year with a refreshing notebook lineup, – the M465-E, M685-E, NX560 and NX860 laptops all boast lightning fast core duo processors. Read More

Gateway’s Edge Competition

Todd Gold’s irrational ambition of emulating his hero Humphrey Bogart, and starting a private eye business, could soon be fueled by some Gateway venture capital. Indeed, the generous PC manufacturer is offering a hundred grand to the person who invents a creative business use for one of their laptops. Will “Just Like Bogie Ltd” – be launched by Gateway’s green? Read More

Gateway CX200 Convertible Notebook

The CX200 is a convertible notebook, sporting a competitive Intel Pentium M processor, 1GB of ram, and over five hours of battery life. This widescreen Gateway laptop blends the power of a desktop replacement, with the stylus pen and touchscreen of a Tablet PC. Read More

Back to School – The GatewayM250S

Summer is well and truly here folks, and we understand it’s far too hot to go hardware hunting for a discount. So relax by the poolside, and keep sipping on that chilled 3 olive martini. Team Laptopical have unearthed a Gateway, that could be a perfect choice for a college student, or small business owner. Read More

Almost 5 Stars for Gateway’s M680XL Laptop

Here’s a solid looking wireless laptop from Gateway, with a steady battery life, 17 inch screen, and an Intel Pentium M 750 processor featuring the latest power-saving technology. Yes this laptop monster has plenty of bite, but no bluetooth? Read More

Gateway 6010GZ, 6510GZ, 7426GX and 3522GZ

At last…..Spring is in the air…..The sweet scent of plum blossom, the fragrant redolence of lilac flowers, the acrid whiff of uncle Gunter’s burnt, horribly over-barbecued weiners…..and the tantalizing aroma of four fresh Gateways….. Read More

The Gateway M460XL

Here’s a Gateway laptop with stamina. The Pentium-M-powered M460XL, could be the ideal choice for those who like to use their notebooks on long haul flights. The M460XL can (allegedly) run up to 10 hours on one battery charge. Read More

Gateway 7405GX Notebook Review

LAPTOP Magazine recently issued a glowing review on Gateway’s 7405GX laptop, reporting that the 80 GB hard drive multitasks and stores well, keeping crisp graphics going while game-playing; offers a bright, wide screen (15.4 inches) for viewing ease; and is more than suitable for watching or burning DVDs, editing digital images, and working with spreadsheets. Read More

The “Gateway” to my heart

Now here’s something for you all to bat your eyelids over, looks like the boys at Gateway have just given birth to a new range of Laptops. The new ladies on the notebook computer block are the Gateway M210 series, and like any good supermodel they are invariably stylish, thin, and light, but never cheap (good value for money though J). Read More

The Gateway M520X DesktopReplacement

Gateway have one of the most prominent rags to riches stories of recent times. Ted Waitt started Gateway with a $10,000 loan from grandma. Today Ted’s grandmother would probably be mighty proud of her ambitious grandson’s achievements in the world of computers and technology, as Gateway employs over 3000 staff, and is the third largest PC company in America. Well it’s nice that grandma Taitt gets to brag about her Grandson to the neighbours over the garden fence, but what are Gateway laptops like? Read More