Fujitsu Laptop Reviews & News

Fujitsu currently offer a wide line of quality notebooks, from ultralights, to Tablet PCs and desktop replacements. They usually have one thing in common – sleek, stylish designs and sterling build quality. The Lifebook Q2010 for example boasts a magnesium chassis, titanium hinges and a gorgeous piano lacquer finish. If you’re after a top end business or executive pc, Lifebooks can match the aesthetics and performance of any Macbook, Thinkpad, or Vaio on the market.

Fujitsu Unviels Novel Dual Screen LifeBook 7010

Fujitsu announced the LifeBook 7010 this morning. In addition to being a decently powereful, HD ready notebook, it also shakes things up a little with a unique 4 inch touchscreen LCD embedded above the keyboard. Read More

Newest Fujitsu LifeBook Refresh Due

The successor to the P8010, the P8020 is the latest ultra-portable from Fujitsu. Read More

Fujitsu Releases Colorful LifeBook A6220

Fujitsu has released yet another colorful notebook in the form of the checkered LifeBook A6220. Read More

Value at the Left End of the Curve: FujitsuT4220

The T4220 will likely be a hit with folks seeking a classy Tablet PC for business or college. Stand out features include dual-directional hinge movement, allowing rotation of the display any way you like, and a 2GHz core 2 duo processor. Read More

Review of the Fujitsu Lifebook P7120

The P7120 is one of the smallest laptops to sport a removeable media drive. Add to that a fingerprint reader, great battery life, and Fujitsu’s indigenous ECO button feature, and you can see why this Lifebook is turning heads on the tech catwalk. Read More

Core Duo Fujitsu – The LifeBookE8210

If you’re a business user, the Core Duo Lifebook E8210 from Fujitsu is worthy of closer inspection. Security is covered by a TPM chip and a useful biometric fingerprint reader. The sterling 15.4 inch glossy wide-screen, displays spreadsheets and data charts crisply. Read More

Gaming on the Fujitsu Lifebook N3530

Tipping the scales at a hunky 8lbs, here’s one of the newest core duo laptops from Fujitsu. The N3530 is not ultralight, but rather a desktop replacement targeted at the gaming sector, sporting a 15.4 inch Crystal View widescreen display. Read More

Lifebook P1500 – Mini Tablet PC from Fujitsu

The P1500 Lifebook from Fujitsu is on the cutting edge of mobility. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, and boasting a form factor as compact as a DVD case, this laptop’s portability, and Tablet PC capability, make it a good choice for a variety of business users, and mobile professionals. Read More

Stellar Battery Life – Fujitsu Lifebook C1320

Are you like me, getting impatient waiting for the boffins of this world, to provide fuel cells to power our laptops? Luckily we have notebook makers like Fujitsu, delivering longer laptop battery life, by pushing lithium-ion technology to it’s limit. Read More

Touch Screen – Fujitsu’s Lifebook B6000

Here’s a sleek offering from Fujitsu, targeted at those working in the challenging field of healthcare. With an estimated 6 hours of battery life, beautiful touchscreen display, and ultraportable weight (3.3 pounds), this Lifebook certainly efficient. Just imagine a nurse competently operating one of these Fujitsu laptops before your triple heart bypass, it would certainly put your restless mind at ease…. – “….Dr, shall we save this patient’s data on the Lifebook for the autopsy?….” Read More

Ultraportable – Fujitsu LifebookQ2010

The heat output from an Intel core solo processor is so low that a cooling fan is no longer required. That translates into sleek ultraportables weighing just 1kg and below. Read More

Bigger Isn’t Better: Fujitsu LifeBookP7010

The Fujitsu Lifebook P7010 is a quality notebook destined to rise to the top of the ultraportable pile. Here are a few of the features you’ll get for your hard earned moolah. A crystal clear 10.6-inch wide-format display, 80GB Hard Drive, wireless compatibility, and an attractive black and silver chassis. You won’t want to buy this Lifebook, you’ll want to marry it 🙂 Read More

The MHV2120AT – Fujitsu Unveils Monster Mobile 120GB Hard Drive

Only a few short months ago, we reported that Fujitsu had launched a lead free 100GB mobile hard drive – The MHV2100AH. Now the computer telecommunications giant has gone one better, indeed they’ve managed to pull a gargantuan 120GB plum out of the pie. Read More

The Fujitsu N3500 Lifebook

The LifeBook N3500 is a compact entertainment center allowing access to television, a DVD player, and CD player without even having to boot up the laptop! Other handy features of this Fujitsu notebook include the ability to change channels or pause live TV (with remote control) and to record shows onto hard drive or DVD. Read More

FMV Biblo NB80K – Fujitsu’s Green PC?

Are you looking for a new laptop that is great in function but also healthy for the environment? With warnings of global warming ever more prevalent in today’s media, you are not alone in your quest for eco friendly computing products including notebooks. Read More

MHV2100AH Mobile Hard Drive from Fujitsu

Looks like another gap between us laptop devotees and our desktop using cousins is about to be bridged. Fujitsu are on the verge of bringing out a 100GB Mobile drive destined for the next batch of top end laptops manufactured by the computing giant. But as any diplomatic lady will tell you, size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts. Read More

The Fujitsu S6231 – A Lifebook With Panache

Cnet once stated that Fujitsu notebooks were: “Laptops that James Bond could love.” High praise indeed, but understandable because Fujitsu make sleek laptop computers with noodles of panache. Take a look at the LifeBook S6231 for example. This model (in the thin and light notebook class) comes in a magnesium alloy casing which gives it a solid “here to stay” feel. It also comes fitted with an Intel Pentium M Processor, 13.3 inch Crystal View XGA display, 512 MB of SDRAM memory, and a 60 GB hard drive. Read More

By Henrik Stigell