LG Chem Delivers Methanol Power With Punch

It’s a titanic product fiendishly disguised in a tiny parcel. Korea’s largest chemical company, LG Chem, Ltd., has pulled out all the stops with its latest — the development of a portable fuel cell for laptops — and plans to put its newest product on the commercial market by the end of 2005.

The Seoul-based company’s methanol fuel cells last for more than 4,000 hours – they say eight times longer than competitors’ fuel cells.

And, just one fuel cell cartridge (with a 200cc capacity) can power a 25W laptop for nearly 11 hours – certainly worth bragging rights in the ever-growing mobile world of cutting-edge technology.

The demand for incomparable power, ease of handling, and high performance were the main factors in developing the unique fuel cell system, which runs solely on methanol fuel.

Even more exceptional is the size of this miniature monster: packaged in an unassuming-sized (less than 1 liter per fuel cell, and weighing in at less than 1 kg), this bantam-sized wonder packs some serious punch, requiring only a cartridge exchange to keep it running for more than 11 hours straight, making it the world’s largest power output among its kind. Also, the fuel cell system will be able to service powerful PMPs, DMBs, phones and laptops simply by plugging in a USB port.

And as power demand increases, as it always will, LG Chem won’t be left behind — it has plans in the wings to further develop various fuel cells able to generate power ranging from 5W to 50W.

The global demand for portable fuel cells in 2006 is estimated to reach $600 million: looks like LG Chem is ahead of the competition already. Portable fuel cells for laptops are almost here.

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By Catherine Van Herrin – Laptopical

Wednesday, October 05, 2005