Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2009

It’s not yet known whether His Jobsness will attend the Apple WWDC in 2009, but if the rumors are to be trusted; this might be the occasion where Apple launches its next big OS X release – Snow Leopard.

As always when the famous Cupertino company is involved, there are rumors and speculations abound. Another rumor points out that a new, revised iPhone model could also be announced at WWDC. The dates for the 2009 Apple WWDC are June 8-12 and the convention will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco.

Thousands of geeks are expected to attend, and they’ll be accompanied by Apple’s own engineers who will answer questions, discuss code and issue rewards to the most prominent contributors to the Apple software base.

A question mark surrounding the conference is whether Apple’s co-founder and figurehead Steve Jobs will attend the WDDC to deliver a keynote and announce something new and amazing, as Steve has been ill of late.