Entry Level MacBook Air Ship Date Postponed

Posted by Daniel Shain

“Due to an unexpected delay, we are unale to ship your MacBook Air by the date originally quoted to you.” – Apple representative

Originally scheduled to ship by November 5th and be delivered by November 10th, Apple has pushed the dates for the new entry MacBook Airs back by 19 days. For those of you that don’t like math, that means a ship date of 11/24 and a delivery date of 11/29, shortly after Thanksgiving. Apparently, the delay is related to the 120GB SATA hard drive on the entry level model. Appleinsider figured this out by trying all sorts of configurations in the Apple Online Store, and noticing that with a $500 upgrade to a 128GB SSD the delay vanishes. Customers can change or cancel their order anytime before its shipped, so if you really can’t wait you can at least buy the upgrade or (gasp) cancel and get some other machine. Sorry fanboys, pretend I never said that last part. Via appleinsider