E1705 Inspiron – Sizzling Specs andAffordable?

Ultraportables are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some folks are happy to trade a little mobility for improved performance. Luckily with so many manufacturers out there at the moment competing for your hard earned cash, desktop replacements are getting much cheaper. Indeed quality Dell notebooks sporting core duo processors can now be found for under $900.

Image of Dell E1705 Inspiron laptopSummer is righton our door step, and for me that usually means sweaty armpits onthe subway, Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City” blazing out of every3rd car’s speakers, and the ultraportable season for laptops. Ithink you’ll agree, few need the hassle of lugging a chunkydesktop replacement around when it starts to get sticky outside.But for those who desire value and performance above ultralightportability, the Dell Inspiron E1705 is well worth checkingout.
The silver E1705 was one of the first dual core notebooks to hitstores in 2006, and the specs certainly didn’t disappoint techheads when it was released. The 2GB of RAM, 100GB SATA harddrive, gorgeous 17 inch wide-screen display, and core duoperformance (up to 2.16GHz) helped this Inspiron DellM1710.

When you review the feature to price ration of the E1705,consider the multi-tasking benefits of the dual core processor,and examine the plethora of ports (6 USB, 5-in-1 memory cardreader, firewire etc) you’re looking at an excellent valuemultimedia laptop. But at just under 8 pounds in weight thisInspiron is not the best choice for a frequent flyer or smallbusiness road warrior.

By Henrik Stigell