Rugged Twinhead – The Durabook N15RI

Twinhead sounds like the nickname of a sinister Bond villain, not the moniker of a premier manufacturer of laptop computers. But make no mistake – Based in Silicon Valley, California, Twinhead corporation are not a fly by night operation. They’ve been trading in the United States since 1988, and their global operation boasts offices in China, Germany and Great Britain.

Now Twinhead have announced the release of the N15RI, the newest machine in their rugged line of Durabook laptops. Like Panasonic’s flagship Toughbook Elite, the Durabook N15RI has an eye catching magnesium alloy shell, that Twinhead state is twenty times tougher than the traditional plastic cases found on ordinary notebooks.

The Durabook N15RI has a range of features to safeguard performance. Anti shock mounting protects the 15.1 TFT screen and hard drive from damage and data loss. The keyboard is spill resistant, and Twinhead’s patented lock offers the Durabook N15RI’s optical drive and disks extra protection from knocks and drops. The N15RI is powered by an Intel Pentium M Dothan 2.13 GHz processor, suggesting that this laptop offers performance as well as durability.

Traditionally ruggedized laptops are the bread and butter of law enforcement officers, soldiers, hospital workers, and firefighters – Folks who need a computer able to operate under the harshest of conditions. Such individuals rely on rugged notebooks to gain access to critical information in the most extreme enviroments. If Dirty Harry was around today, he’d find a rugged notebook as useful as a .44 magnum for catching criminals in the 21st century.

Battery life is excellent, 3 and a half hours under normal conditions, an optional Li-lon 9-cell Smart Battery Pack increases the N15RI Durabook’s operating time to 5 hours.

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By Todd Gold – Laptopical

Monday, August 22, 2005