Dell Shows More Love For Artwork, Offers a Hundred New Designs

We’ve talked before about Dell allowing you to put artwork on your laptop for various reasons, but there were just a few options at that time. Now there’s more than a hundred.

You could already artsy design on your Dell Studio too. But now Dell is cashing in on the popularity of these design options, and you can choose from a truly amazing array of designs for all your Dell Studios.

For right now it is just the Dell Studio 15 and 17 that you can design, but Dell plans on expanding rapidly into other notebook lines. The images are permanently tattooed onto the lid, so if won’t rub off or feel like a rubber skin when you run your hands along the lid. Smooth. Dell’s website makes it easy to apply your design too, as you can change viewing angles and zoom in or even read about the artist to find what inspires you.

Of course, we did say Dell was “cashing in,” didn’t we? These new designs will cost you $75 a pop, which is more than you had to pay for the initial choices previously available. But boy, are the new options pretty.

Via laptopmag

Written by Daniel Shain on Wednesday, December 3, 2008