Dell Rolls Out Huge Hat Promotion – No Sign of Adamo

What secrets may be hidden away in this beautiful woman’s enormous hat? Our scientific calculations have determined that it is just about large enough to contain a 13-inch laptop, and still have some room to spare for an average-sized power brick.

The hat and other fashionable items appear on, but still no sign of the laptop besides a few shaky videos and pics online. Now this isn’t exactly news, but the fact that this is Dell and that they have remained so tight-lipped about its upcoming MacBook Air competitor for so long is definitely noteworthy.

By comparison, the launch of Dell’s brand new Studio XPS lineup has come and gone, and still there are no real facts available about the Adamo. Is Dell stalling the release to be able to launch it with Windows 7? Or rather to avoid having to launch it with Vista?

Considering the slim frame of the Adamo, it’s not going to be fitted with the fastest components – imagine turning on that sleek-looking thing just to be greeted by Vista Home Premium running at a snail’s pace.