Dell Release the Inspiron 9200 Laptop

The Inspiron 9200 is Dell’s newest desktop replacement notebook. The outstanding feature seems to be the beautiful 17 inch TFT Active Matrix UltraSharp display. The basic Inspiron 9200 comes equipped with a Pentium M processor, 256MB DDR SDRAM and a respectable 40 GB hard drive. Of course specs like the hard drive can be upgraded to 80GB, but customising will cost more.

This Inspiron laptop weighs just under 8lbs, which may be a little heavy if you’re a student lugging a load of textbooks around college. However looking at the positives it’s only 1.6 inches thick so it’s svelte (for it’s category) chassis should slide nicely into that crowded back pack or briefcase.

The editors over at PCmag gave the 9200 a more than respectable rating of 4 out of 5.

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By Todd Gold – Laptopical