Dell Grows (PRODUCT) RED Family With New Designs

Dell has expanded its lineup of (PRODUCT) RED notebooks by offering the Studio 15 and 17 with new artsy designs.

If you want to buy a laptop for (PRODUCT) RED, Dell has just made it easier by offering its Art House Studio 15 and 17. You get your choice of three artists: Joseph Amedokpo, Siobhan Gunning, and Bruce Mau. Each has created a unique design that Dell says is permanently drawn, so it won’t scratch off or be easy to replace. The Studio 15 is available for $649 and the Studio 17 for $799. Each purchase will result in a $20 donation to The Global Fund for AIDS programs in Africa. If you like interesting designs, like helping people, or both, then these might be worthwhile laptops to look into. They are currently available online. Joseph Amedokpo’s art is featured in the picture. If it’s a bit too flashy for you, you’ll be pleased to know the others are somewhat more subdued. Via engadget via dell