Portable DAB Radio Gadget from Enwiser

I love radio – an often overlooked medium in this world of vision. But since becoming partially sighted in 2000 I’ve found a new appreciation on what delights are available with a turn of a dial. If you have never experienced the quality broadcasting of BBC Radio 2 or Jazz FM you are in for a treat if you look them up on the net.

Now DAB radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and its slightly more sophisticated older brother DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) offers crystal clear reception, instant search to specific radio stations and text displays, to add a little more to our favourite programs.

However what if we wanted to take these genre breaking DAB radio shows with us while we work, or take a well deserved break? The receivers are quite bulky! Why can’t tech heads marry this functionally with the portability of a laptop, I cry!

Well, they do say be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it! It seems like someone was listening, as lo and behold Enwiser have produced that very thing! This portable little gadget just plugs into the USB slot on your favourite notebook, and within seconds you’re listening to the clearest dab radio you have ever heard,(if you can get DAB signals in your area that is, and if not, just wait longer, tee hee). The unit is rugged enough to travel with you, and looks pretty stylish too.

So wishes do come true? OK, what next? A lottery win, or surprise visit from Keira Knightly in her Domino gear?

Decisions, decisions….

More info – Enwiser.com

By Ian Bandy

Thursday, October 27, 2005