Court Grants Apple’s Motion To Dismiss Psystar’s Suit – Hackintosh Makers In Trouble

Posted Tuesday, November 18, 2008 by Daniel Shain

Psystar, famous for brashly producing “Hackintosh” computers running OSX without Apple’s consent, received some bad news from the courts today. Can’t say we’re surprised.

We first heard about Psystar and their ‘open computer’ a few months ago, and since then the slow and ungainly right arm of the law has come swooping down on the stubbornly oblivious manufacturer. If you haven’t been following the story, Apple sued these guys for producing systems designed for their OS without permission from Apple. In response, Psystar boldy countersued Apple, claiming antitrust violations. Despite the obvious cohones required to countersue and continue to produce their computers, the courts somehow still decided their whole argument was bunk. If you’re into legal details you’ll find plenty after the jump. It can’t be long for Psystar now. We anticipate that, based on the current speed of the court system, it’ll only take another 1-3 years before the company, which is still producing computers, is speedily shut down. Via appleinsider ´