Gary Stager – A Classroom Pioneer

Gary Stager may not be a household name yet, but for the millions of students who have already benefited from his 15 years of work to ensure that each student is equipped with a laptop in the classroom, he may well give the likes of Bill Gates a run for his money – and name recognition.

A true pioneer in efforts to make every classroom outfitted with a laptop for every student, Stager is also a coveted worldwide speaker, software designer, and present Adjunct Professor of Education at California’s Pepperdine University – to name just a few of his accomplishments.

It is perhaps his dedication to the importance of laptops (instead of desktops) in classrooms, however, that makes him a definitive pioneer in his field; no one else has worked quite as hard or as long as Gary Stager when it comes to empowering educators and fulfilling the dreams of many young people.

A few cases in point: Due to Stager’s commitment to this project, every 7th- and 8th-grader in the state of Maine now receives a personal laptop; he was personally responsible for the development of the world’s first two “notebook schools” in Australia; and his hands-on work has made laptops available to school-age children in six continents.

Founder and past-president of SIGLogo, Stager was previously Director of Professor for the Network of Microcomputer Education, a New Jersey outfit of 150 computer-using schools. He is also founder of, offering educational support services to homeschoolers.

Educational award winning Stager also conducts workshops around the globe and is a sought-after keynote speaker and writer, personally lending his knowledge and passion to laptop classroom minded professionals (and, perhaps most importantly, to the children they teach) everywhere.

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By Catherine Van Herrin

Monday, April 24, 2006