College Students Must Buy Notebooks?

What began as a class project that Indiana State University students themselves created has turned into a monster of an issue that has both students and faculty divided. At stake: Should students entering the university in Fall 2006 be required to buy or lease laptops — at a price of $400 per semester? Either ISU’s development office and other administrators […]

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Linux Tips – Courtesy of the Jem Report

It’s harder to turn your laptop into a Linux machine compared to a desktop. Unlike desktops, laptops are more likely to contain hardware that’s unsupported for the now-famous alternative operating system. But it is possible, if you know which laptops work best with Linux, and how to support the notebooks that don’t have optimal penguin compatibility. First, check when your […]

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Laptop Buying Guide

In days of yore the first stop for cheap laptop hunters used to be the high streets and malls, however this strategy is nigh on useless if you haven’t already formed an opinion and researched the specs you really need…..Why? Because then you leave yourself open to one of the most dangerous predators in the laptop jungle – the oily […]

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