Acer Laptops Reviews & News

A relative newcomer to the world of mobile computers, Acer laptops have been the recipients of numerous awards for design and innovation. The line features a selection of TravelMate PCs, the Aspire series, and the cutting edge Ferrari line up. Acer Ferrari notebooks, not only share a name with the Italian sports car maker, but also boast the inimitable Prancing […]

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Samsung Makes Smallest DRAM Ever

Samsung has developed the technology to create power efficient and highly productive DRAM at the 40 nanometer level. That’s really, really small. Fresh on the heels of their 50nm 8GB success, Samsung has hit another benchmark by producing the highest quality 40nm DRAM to date. They promise it will deliver 60% more productivity and waste less energy than the 50nm […]

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Laptop Reviews

With a plethora of desktop replacements, thin and lights and ultraportable laptop computers on the market today, how does the bewildered buyer make an informed choice? By relying on personal recommendations from colleagues, family and friends, and also by reading opinions and laptop reviews such as those found at sites like Laptopical. Portability, processor type (AMD Turion, Intel Core 2 […]

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