Find the Best Business Laptop

In and out of meetings, conferences and cubicles calls for a special kind of laptop – we are of course talking about the ultimate business laptop. A portable little thing, requiring little of your time for maintenance and perfect to bring and set up at meetings and business trips. Below you’ll find all preferable laptop features that you need to look for when buying a notebook for work. Here you will also find our laptop recommendations.

Recommended Business Laptops

Size – retain portability and keep the size to a 15 inch maximum.
Simplicity – keep it clean, with no unnecessary programs or other RAM and CPU-consuming features.
Fast processor – make sure the processor is fast enough to handle multitasking.
Long battery life – during business trips, meetings or conferences, being able to work without an outlet for hours is essential


The size of the business laptop is important, in terms of storage capabilities as well as screen size and weight. The hard drive should be able to store all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations with a remaining margin of at least a few GB’s. However, by keeping backups and dated files stored on an external hard drive you will not need more than 80 GB to start with. The cleaner your laptop is the better it will run.


Regarding screen size it all comes down to how you will use the laptop. On the road or in meetings, the more portable the laptop is the better. A 12-inch laptop weights little, is easily transported and can be connected to external projectors and monitors if greater resolution is needed.

Drives, CPU and Memory

One of the most important things with a business laptop is its ability to get work done quickly. With Intel dual core processors like Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Due or AMDs Turion X 2 will guarantee high processor speed. With extended RAM up to 2 GB you will be able to multitask with little limitation.


Bluetooth and Ethernet are two valuable features concerning connectivity in a business laptop. However, what is a must are wireless networking capabilities. With a built in wireless card you will be able to connect to any Wi-Fi network, and have internet access almost anywhere you go – hotels, airports, the office and conferences.


As we have stated above, portability, performance and durability is everything in a business laptop. To keep your laptop in good shape you should consider using an external hard drive for your backups and old work files. Also consider getting a proper laptop bag to keep it in good working condition.


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