Toshiba Laptops – Blu Ray or HD-DVD?

More DVD Tosh?

Well history does tend to repeat itself, and anyone who remembers the VHS – Betamax debacle of the early eighties will be wincing at the talk about the natural successor for DVD in 2005.

Seems like there are two runners in this race, Blu Ray and HD-DVD. The big corps are gearing up to battle this out in a few months with the intimate causality being the consumer, as ever, but now Toshiba have thrown their hat in the ring, and plumped for HD-DVD to back.

Not surprising really, as the Toshiba folks did help to bring this particular format into the world.

So by the end of 2005 you’ll see the first Toshiba notebook with a brand new HD-DVD drive in it, and with the new Batman and Superman films coming out in that format just in time for the holidays, well, it will be snapped up by early adopters faster than a storm cellar in Florida.

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By Ian Bandy

Monday, December 13, 2004