Beat the Heat and Sit Back In Comfort With Logitech

Logitech has introduced two new ways to improve your general laptop using experience. If you’ve ever experienced overheating or had back issues from constantly staring at the screen at a bad height, these could be helpful accessories.

Logitech has introduced two new items – the Cooling Pad N100 and the Notebook Riser N110.

Many laptops both current and old are prone to overheating, especially during heavier use when the fans are forced to kick in. The Cooling Pad N100 is a USB-powered fan which distributes air evenly and quietly underneath the notebook. The fan is ultra low-powered to have minimal impact on battery life. The design features comfortable waves so that it will feel good on your lap too.

If you spend hours of every day peering into a laptop screen, you have probably wished at some point that you had an external monitor so you could raise it up and actually look straight into your display rather than looking down into it. A less costly solution is just to get a notebook riser like the N110. It has three tilt angles (20, 30, 40 degrees) so that you can raise your notebook’s display to an ideal viewing level. Sit with your head up, shoulders set back and eyes looking straight ahead. To use it for more than watching movies you will need an external mouse and keyboard though, since the angle is better for viewing than typing.

Both of these accessories are suitable for PCs or Macs up to 15.4″ in size, and will cost you $29.99.