Asus Announces Touchscreen Eee PC By Early 2009

Posted Wednesday, October 22, 2008 by Daniel Shain

Asus CEO Jerry Sheen has revealed that a touchscreen Eee PC netbook is expected to be available by early 2009.

Approximately a year after the first Asus Eee PC hit the market, Asus is revolutionizing things again with a touch enabled Eee PC. When interviewed Shen did not divulge certain details, such as the form factor, but did intimate that units would be compatable with the not yet released Windows 7 OS as early as mid-2009. Sheen indicated that Asus will continue to produce both touch enabled and regular Eee PCs next year. He also suggested that Asus was considering both a convertable tablet form and “a different alternative”, most likely a regular laptop form, but again he did not give many details. “We plan to talk about it in Q1 of next year,” he demurred. Source ยด