Apple Updates $999 White MacBook To Near Unibody Specs

Posted by Daniel Shain in Apple Macbook Laptops

Without much fanfare, Apple has recently updated the specs on its older (should we say classic yet?) white polycarbonate design. The new specs make it very very close to the newly updated and highly touted unibody models, while keeping that $999 price tag.

For $999 you now get the latest generation Core 2 Duo processor with 1066MHz FSB, 2GB of RAM, and perhaps most important of all is the upgrade to integrated Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics rather than Intel’s old underperforming GMA X3100 stuff. Sure, the processor is “only” 2.0GHz (which is the same as in the mid-range unibody) and the RAM is “just” DDR2 (aluminoids have DDR3), but the parts have gotten better and the price hasn’t changed – so who are we to nitpick?

For $300 less than the least expensive aluminum unibody design unvieled last October, you only need to accept a few downgrades. The HDD is slightly smaller. The chassis is slightly heavier, and slightly uglier, we suppose, although it’s still Apple Approved Sleek. The RAM is also slightly slower, and you’re going to keep the old ports (like FireWire 400) instead of the new ports (like a Mini DisplayPort). The screen also will not be LED backlit like the unibodies. So yes, it is slightly inferior. But it is more than slightly cheaper, and you can safely say you’re getting a latest generation MacBook now for only $999.

Via engadget via apple