Apple Sees Conspiracy In Psystar Case

Apple has expanded its lawsuit against “Hackintosh” producer Psystar, accusing other unnamed parties of involvement.

Apparently, these guys deserve to be taken seriously. At least, that’s the message Apple is indirectly putting out there by flexing all its legal might to destroy all hope for allegedly (and it seems certainly) illegal rival Psystar. For those new to the story, Psystar started producing “Hackintosh” computers that could run Mac OSX without Apple’s permission, for which they were summarily sued. Psystar brazenly threw away. Now Apple is kicking it up a notch, accusing the OpenComputer makers of pushing buyers to commit copyright infringement, violating trademarks, and most surprisingly, of conspiracy with ten mysterious “John Does”. Psystar has been pretty brash with Apple, boldly producing the hacked computers and then countersuing when Apple called them on the obviously illegal activity (and during the interim, of course, they have been making more Hackintoshes). Maybe it’s because they have some big time “John Doe” backers, eh? It’ll be interesting to watch this story as it develops. We’ll keep you posted. Via appleinsider ยด