Alpha of Moblin for Netbooks Now Available

Intel-supported and Linux-based, Moblin is a new OS designed specifically for netbooks. The alpha is now out and ready to be tested by those brave souls out there who like to test products before they’re actually ready to be used.

Moblin is derived in large part from Fedora, but with a few tweaks for mobile devices. It has a unique internet connection manager, better boot performance, and is designed for use with Intel-esque hardware like the Atom or Core 2. It has been known to work with the Acer Aspire One and Dell Mini 9, and it sort of works with the Asus Eee 901, as long as you can do without your WiFi.

This is an alpha and only the first alpha release, so testers should expect some bumps in the road. While this might not be something John Q. User might want to install just yet, for those who like this sort of thing the door is open. This OS has potential to eventually rival Ubuntu and become the dominant Linux flavor for netbooks – but it isn’t nearly there yet.