Acer Officially Announces 10 inch Aspire One

It’s been talked about for a while in the form of leaks and rumors, but the 10.1″ Acer Aspire One is finally here. The new netbook will be similar to the 8.9″ flagship Aspire One in many ways, but there are a few new plusses, most notably the battery life.

Acer’s 8.9″ model was already good enough to catapult Acer to the top of the netbook world, so we’re not surprised they didn’t change that much of it. Obvious changes include a larger screen size (with 1024×600 resolution) and presumably a larger keyboard, although nobody seems to be talking about that (maybe since the 8.9″ keyboard was surprisingly usable?). You’ll also be pleased to know this netbook comes marketed with a bold battery life claim:

“With incredibly low idle power consumption, the Aspire One guarantees up to 7 hours battery life for maximum fun.”

As Kevin of jkOnTheRun noted, they not only guarantee 7 hours of battery life, but maximum fun as well. We love maximum fun, although honestly 7 straight hours of it might get quite tiring. In any case, this netbook will also come with XP, up to 2GB RAM, a 160GB HDD, 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth with optional WWAN, and there is speculation that it’ll be out as soon as next month.