Acer Ferrari Used to Digitise Sermons

Laptops certainly have changed the world, to move away from a desktop and a cumbersome PC, is as liberating as running naked through the glass houses at Kew gardens (sorry if I stepped on your petunias chaps), and of course they are as versatile as a Swiss army knife – should I write another article or hack down a few aliens in Half Life 2, is a constant dilemma.

Now we hear that the Christian Life Centre in Mona Vale on the northern beaches of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, have started to use a laptop – an Acer Ferrari to be exact – to bring religion to folks in their region.

Using the respectable power of the Ferrari notebook to capture digital video from a Sony TVR series camcorder, they can digitise the sermons from the second floor auditorium, so they can get the word out via their web site.

Also using a projector and an advanced sound system the service goes out live to the congregation on the group floor, who due to various disabilities, are unable to get up the stairs to see the real thing.

So Laptops can certainly delivery the goods when it comes to today’s top rated games or home finances, but with a little bit of foresight and application it looks like they can also bring nothing less than the word of God.

By Ian Bandy – Laptopical

Monday, August 15, 2005