Unveiling of the Acer Aspire 1690

In march 2005, Acer announced the Australian release of its Aspire 1690 notebook. Computer aficionados, gamers, and businessmen the world over have already taken notice of this laptop’s array of multimedia features and performance capabilities.

The main highlight of the Aspire 1690 could be the Intel Centrino mobile technology and 915PM chipset, which put the laptop on a short list of mobile graphics powerhouses. The Aspire 1690 also features ATI’s Mobility Radeon X600 display adapter, Smartshader, Smoothvision, and Videoshader, along with a PCI Express Interface. All ensure that games, streaming video, and DVDs will be high-definition crisp.

To properly experience these high-grade visuals, Acer strapped a 15.4-inch widescreen display onto the Aspire 1690. It boasts up to 120% wider angles than your typical notebook and brighter imaging, thanks to its CrystalBrite TFT technology.

If graphics and entertainment are at the heart of the Acer, its brains are its Intel Pentium M Processor 730 with 1.6GHz and a 80GB hard drive. Its ports, its eyes and ears, are located frontally for easy access. And its sixth sense comes from Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, which Acer offers standard here. The manufacturer adds to the mix its SignalUp technology, which intensifies the computer’s wireless signal.

The Aspire 1690 also provides unique software to boost your productivity and increase the laptop’s ease of use. The GridVista allows you to maintain four open application windows at one time on your display. The eManager software, a four-in-one pack, endows you with greater control of the notebook’s day to day functions, such as storage backup, screen resolution, and power management.

All of these features should appeal to those who need mobile power for business, or gaming.

By Matthew Brodsky

Friday, March 18, 2005