Acer Aspire 1502LMI Desktop Replacement

Are any of you uk readers looking for a desktop replacement for well under a grand? The Acer Aspire 1502LMI has chalked up some excellent reviews from PCW, What Laptop and Zdnet, so you could certainly do worse than this notebook. The 1502LMI is a solidly built, (weighing in at 3.8kg) laptop that can multitask with ease and keep you “in the zone” for hours without a battery charge. And, with 512MB memory and a 15-inch TFT screen, this machine can perform several computer acrobatics at once.

The folks at Acer went with an AMD Athlon processor, which stealthily supports 64-bit applications. The Athlon 3200+ chip clocked at 2.2GHz in testing, making standard 32-bit programs run with greater performance. Likewise, the battery maintained life for 215 minutes when tested by reviewers, enabling users to carry this three-spindled power package away from the desk with little worry.

It’s also an excellent, cost-effective choice for the mainly desk-bound, with connectivity a real stand-out; With a 802.11g Wireless LAN and Gigabit Ethernet, it’s your choice: go wireless or make the thing zoom in wired offices able to support the faster cable connection.

The hard drive on this Acer Aspire is adequate 60GB, and there’s 1 Firewire and 4 USB ports. The case itself is a practical-looking, compact piece, in plain, dark-grey, made of toughened plastic.

Again, the most noticeable and aggressive feature is the Athlon-based system that can maintain and run a high level of overall performance and speed; even while running multiple programs, it doesn’t hang up or stall on you, and it won’t die a thousand deaths during its battery lifetime. All in all, a pretty good setup for office or home use.

It’s over 6 months since the release of the Acer Aspire 1502LMI, but the machine still holds up well as a solid desktop replacement.

By Catherine Van Herrin – Laptopical

Thursday, February 17, 2005

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