Stylebook 4000 – Fashion From X2

Californian based company X2, are on a fashion quest to become the premier brand for digital lifestyle products. Perhaps that’s why they’ve decided there was a space on the tech catwalk for a new line of laptops targeted squarely at women.

X2’s Stylebook 4000 notebook comes in piano white and duotone pink/white finishes, ensuring it will color coordinate seamlessly with Pepé the pedicurist’s toupee, and most Hollywood poodles.

But this laptop isn’t just a pretty face. Like most Beverley Hills starlets, under the pristine beauty, lurks a ruthless competitive streak.

Indeed a top of the range Stylebook 4000 notebook can be configured to include a Pentium M Processor from Intel, a 100GB hard drive, a full size keyboard, wireless connectivity, firewire port, a PCMCIA slot, 2 USB ports, and a 14 inch widescreen display. In today’s market this beauty can hold it’s own.

The laptop is pretty light as well, tipping the scales at under 5 pounds. Of course once you have your Stylebook 4000, you’ll need something to carry it in, when the butler takes his day off. That’s when X2’s “Visual Configurator” comes in handy.

Owners can visit, and use an online tool to personalize their notebooks. Materials available include Microfiber, Faux Croc, Leather and Suede – Stylebook had this to say about their laptop bags:

“…..each bag has a built-in protective compartment to store the StyleBook. Not only are the bags fashionable and stylish, they are also extremely functional with several pockets for storage such as separate makeup and mobile phone compartments, eliminating the hassle of the constant two bag shuffle…..”

If only the “Visual Configurator” could tackle bad hair days as well as the fashion crisis of “Two bag shuffle” they’d hit the sales motherlode.

Right now I’m not sure whether women in general will find the Stylebook 4000 an invaluable fashion accessorie, or a patronising piece of portable tech, about as useful as a water proof rooibosch tea bag…..Time will tell.

Prices for an entry level Stylebook 4000 begin at $1,299 – Visit

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By Todd Gold

Thursday, July 28, 2005