Fuel Cell Technology to Provide 24 Hour Battery Life for Laptops?

I think you would agree, that things have gone a little quiet over the past two months, on the development of the fuel cell technology that will inevitably power out portable beasts in the coming years.

However, another step on the road towards increased laptop battery efficiency has now been taken, with the announcement from an Intel sponsored initiative – the Mobile PC Extended Battery Life Working Group. While this might not be the snappiest title in the world, these guys have come up with a few guidelines for the developers out there with dreams of the next big thing.

Their “Fuel Cell Guidelines for Mobile PCs” certainly makes for fascinating reading, with a clear and concise overview, featuring just enough technical stuff in there for all you train spotters on the electrical, mechanical, control, thermal, environmental and regulatory aspects of fuel cells for mobile PCs. Not necessarily a road map on how to create this blossoming technology, but certainly a rough guide.

It also suggest that the days of an entire business day full of laptop use, is not only feasible but in fact just around the corner. Indeed, with a stack of refuelable fuel cells, the life of your laptop could be almost limitless. Who would have thought that, eh?

The Millenium Cell group, a company already featured at Laptopical, hailed this document a valuable step:

“…..These guidelines are an invaluable source of information for companies working to provide all-day, integrated power sources for notebook computer users…..” – Commented Gregory Smith, marketing director of Millennium Cell.

Well fuel cell batteries with marathon longevity for laptops, are not in our hot sweaty hands right now, but it won’t be long!….Oh yes….It won’t be long my preciousssss…..Oh Yesssssss!…….Shiny new Fuel Cell for good Smeagol’s Ferrari 1000 notebook…..It’s ours, it is, and we wants it…….

Learn more about the Mobile PC Extended Battery Life Working Group at Eblwg.org