Stellar Battery Life – Fujitsu Lifebook C1320

I’m getting a little impatient waiting for the professor bunsens of this world to deliver hydrogen or methanol fuel cells to power our laptops. Fortunately we have manufacturers like Fujitsu delivering longer laptop battery life, by milking lithium-ion technology for all it’s worth.

Fresh from the success of breaking through the 6 billion euro barrier for the first time, Fujitsu have announced the release of a laptop with staying power – The Lifebook C1320.

Fujitsu boast that this notebook can operate for up to 12 and a half hours (if both batteries are installed) on one charge. Forget those tedious movies usually offered on long haul flights – Instead crank up the C1320 and watch 6 DVDS in a row.

Fujitsu also state that the 2.65 kg C1320 is the only laptop in its class to sport the newest serial ATA (S-ATA) tech, which increases data transfer speeds by up to 150MBps. Coupled with Intel’s advanced 915GM Sonoma chipset, this makes it one of the most powerful laptop computers in its class.

The entry level C1320 comes with a 15 inch screen, but that can be upgraded to a 15.4in widescreen TFT display.

Hard drive choices for the C1320 are 40GB, 60GB or 80GB. Interfaces include 4 handy USB ports, an infrared port, an express card slot, and an SD memory card slot.

This aluminium framed Lifebook isn’t the cheapest or lightest in it’s class, but would perhaps make a good choice for business folk, and corporate road warriors, needing longevity, and performance for long periods away from the office.

The Lifebook C1320 isn’t available in the U.S yet, but you can pick one up in europe for under 2000 euros.

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By Todd Gold

Sunday, July 26, 2005