Ibook Upgrade – Widescreen?

Trusted sources in the world of tech, are predicting this week will be a big one for Apple. Indeed, rumours are circulating that Apple is set to upgrade their line of best selling ibooks with widescreens.

Up until this time Apple has limited widescreen availability to their Powerbooks, but earlier in the year DigiTimes reported that notebook manufacturer Asustek, had landed a deal to produce 15.4 inch widescreen iBooks in 2006.

Currently top end ibooks ship with 1.33GHz G4 processors, 60GB hard drives, built-in wireless, and the cutting edge Mac OS Tiger.

Sales of these laptops are brisk, but they will more than likely fly off the shelves with the introduction of widescreen displays.

Ibooks have always been innovative, from their ergonomic polycarbonate plastic (the same material used in bulletproof glass) frames, to their AirPort” wireless networking cards.

Still Apple have yet to announce anything concrete about the latest “upgrade”, so it remains to be seen whether the ibook horizon will truly be widescreen.