Samsung Laptop Reviews & News

Samsung laptops come in lots of shapes and sizes – from 12-inch ultraportables to large, 17-inch desktop replacements. Basically, everyone should be able to pick a suitable laptop from Samsung’s range. One of the positive aspects of Samsung laptops is that they tend to offer first-rate build quality and intuitive design at really competitive prices.

Samsung Does the Deed, Joins Lenovo With Ion Powered Netbook

At the risk of losing “official” netbook status, Samsung is set to produce the world’s next Ion-powered, HD-displaying netbook. Read More

New Samsung NC20 and 3G NC10 Netbooks Pre-orderable

The newly released Samsung NC20 has made it to British markets and is available for pre-order online. Color is important though… you’ll have to wait about twice as long for a black model than a white model. And the black just looks so cool, too. Read More

Samsung Makes Smallest DRAM Ever

Samsung has developed the technology to create power efficient and highly productive DRAM at the 40 nanometer level. That’s really, really small. Read More

Samsung To Start Mass Producing 256GB SSD

The latest and greatest entry into the 256GB SSD market, the new Samsung SSDs are faster and (hopefully) cheaper than their competitors. Read More

News For Travelers – The Samsung X460 Is Here

The Samsung X460 is a “Road Warrior’s Dream Machine” Read More

Samsung’s Centrino Halfbreed: Part DesktopReplacement, Part Mini Laptop

The X50 is a sleek and silver desktop replacement from Samsung. The X50 packs a 15.4 widescreen into its compact 2.41 kg chassis, but more impressive than that is the screen’s resolution. Samsung geared the screen with 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, which offers more workspace than a 19-inch LCD-based PC monitor. Read More

Speed Up Boot Time: Samsung’s MH80 HybridHDD

Samsung claim their new hybrid hard drive boasts 50 percent faster read-write speeds and improved battery life. Read More

32GB NAND Flash Drive in Samsung Q30Laptop

Back in september 2005, Todd Gold reported that Samsung had developed a 16 GB NAND Flash memory chip, that would enable the production of a flash memory card with up to 32 GB capacity. Fast forward 8 months and we learn that Samsung have unveiled the world’s first laptops equipped with NAND Flash-based hard drives. The capacity may only be 32 GB, however these new drives operate in complete silence, and offer other advantages over traditional hard drives including quicker booting and increased battery life. Read More

Samsung Flash Memory Card with 32 GBCapacity

Samsung have just pioneered a 16 GB Flash memory chip, which will enable the creation of memory cards with up to 32 GB capacity. Once fully developed, this new technology should bring the curtain down forever, on irritating hard-drive grinding. Read More

Samsung M70 with 19 inch Screen

The Samsung M70 will make an illustrious debut at IFA Berlin, one of the world’s most popular computer and electronics trade fairs. The M70 sports a 19 inch screen, which can be detached – transforming it from a desktop replacement to a desktop PC. Read More

I want my DMB TV! – Samsung Laptops with Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Capability

Samsung DMB laptops are the first to combine mobile Internet, broadcasting and computing services all in one unit. Users in South Korea will be able to record any scenes they’d like from their favorite tv shows, while viewing the digital broadcasts. Read More