Lenovo’s Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC

When confirmation of Lenovo’s multi billion dollar purchase of IBM’s personal computing division surfaced last year, laptop lover’s the world over were left wondering whether this was the end of a notebook era.

Well Thinkpad fans can breathe a ragged sigh of relief, because Lenovo have just announced that they will be releasing the X41 Tablet PC, the first ThinkPad to be made in tablet PC form, on July 15th.

A Tablet PC is a laptop with the capabilities of being written on through a touch screen, allowing the operator to use a stylus and interact with the notebook without mouse or keyboard. Once Tablet PC’s were utilized only in specialised industries, such as medicine, or journalism, but now they are used by anyone who finds this computing format convenient.

Weighing around 1.6 KG, Lenovo claim that the X41 is the lightest 12 inch Tablet in it’s class, the X41 can also be converted to a regular notebook with keyboard. Indeed this Tablet has all the features of a standard X41 Thinkpad – Built in fingerprint reader, 40 GB hard drive (can be upgraded to 60GB), motion sensor, Intel 1.5 GhZ Pentium M processor and Sonoma 915GM chipset.

Linux is an option, but many Tablet personal computers run on the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, and the X41 is no rebel. Already the tech runes indicate that Lenovo will stick to the quality craftsmanship that has made the Thinkpad brand a household name. PCMag certainly thought so, they made the X41 their new Editors’ Choice, for convertible tablet PCs.

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By Lucy Layman

Monday, June 13, 2005