Privacy Screens Protect PCs From Prying Eyes

Is nothing sacred? Before laptops, we had to deal with strangers’ heads bobbing behind us, eyes slit and gleaming, scanning the headlines of our morning newspapers and stealing our precious few moments of peace away from the work day. Now, we have to find a way to pry scrying eyes away from our laptop screens just to get a little privacy.

The answer is simple. The next time you bring up your favorite web page and sense an unwelcome pair of eyes over your shoulder, flip down a laptop privacy screen as a nonverbal but direct “keep out” signal, and you can browse with ease.

Because laptops are so mobile, they naturally lend themselves to prying eyes, just like newspapers. Even if you believe you’re relatively safe hooking up to Wi Fi in a coffee shop, think again. You never know who could be lurking nearby while you’re reviewing personal financial information, downloading your company’s quarterly report, or any number of “sensitive” items that shouldn’t be available for “public viewing.” The risk of identity theft isn’t just for credit cards.

Privacy shields keep the coast (and view) completely clear for you, but are made to filter out side viewing, and help ward off those annoying eyes, aimed over your shoulder for good.

So, when in doubt, just play it safe. Invest in a privacy screen for your peace of mind (and personal security). More –

By Catherine Van Herrin

Friday, May 13, 2005