Gaming Helps Child Recover

Recently injured in a motorcycle accident, Australian teenager Daniel Hartin, has been placed on the fast track to a full recovery, thanks to intense physiotherapy, the support of his family, and the donation of a laptop computer.

Hartin has only just begun talking, after receiving serious head injuries while competing in a children’s motocross event a couple of months ago. Despite the painful setback, Daniel was in high spirits on hearing the news that a company called Leading Edge Computers had offered him a free laptop to aid his recovery.

Jim Whittaker, the director of Leading Edge Computers was quoted as saying:

“…..We thought this was something we could do that would make a difference to him…..”

Family and doctors hope that playing games on the laptop will help Daniel to use his left hand side more, improve hand-eye coordination, and take his mind off the discomfort and stress of intense rehabilitation.

With stories of infertility, and chronic back pain circulating in the press, laptops sometimes get a bad rap. That’s why it’s great to hear about some of the positive uses of notebook computers in today’s society.

Currently Daniel is being treated in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at Westmead, New South Wales. Lets hope he received a free top of the range Dell XPS 2 or Ferrari 4000 gaming laptop, and not a Pentium 1, running windows 95 🙂

Source – Central Western Daily

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005