$10 Indian Laptop Mystery Debunked: It’s Not A Laptop!

The miracle $10 laptop from India we’ve been hearing so much about has finally been spotted in photograph form. I thought laptops had to have keyboards and screens?

We’ve been hearing about this for… well I guess it’s only been 4 days really, but after our report on the lamest unveiling in history yesterday this is already our third story, and at this rate we have no problem attaching the label “much-hyped” to this thing. And in light of the fact that the darned thing isn’t a laptop, we wouldn’t begrudge readers for replacing the word “much” with “horrendously over” in their heads.

Indian faux laptop

I think timesofindia said it best – the $10 laptop has proven to be quite the damp squib. Why it came to be called a laptop nobody knows, as surely no politicians would benefit from the public thinking as much. According to the article, the device is actually a “storage device containing megabytes of data info which can be accessed by a user by connecting this device to a laptop.” I think I have one of those too. It cost me $15 and it’s an 8GB USB drive. Oh, did we mention the $10 laptop that was “temporarily” going to be a $20 laptop is now more like a $30 kajigger?

It does seem to have a bunch of ports on it based on that picture, and it did claim to connect to the internet and that sort of thing, so maybe this device will be worth more than a USB drive. But we still have 0 info proving that and a whole lot of messy unfulfilled hype to clean off the floor before we can give a hoot about this thing again… Damp squib that it is.