Notebook Sales Surge in China

We live in an ever smaller world, it seems like the trends that burn a trail through America find their way to the shores of the UK within seconds, and vice versa…..But what about the East?

We hear about the technological wonders coming from Japan, and playing yet another race of “Ridge Racer” on my Jap PSP I couldn’t be happier about that, but it looks like another country in the far east, the sleeping giant that is the People’s republic of China, is embracing laptops as readily as consumers in the west.

Analysys (that’s the way they spell it, before I get a thousand Emails suggesting I invest in a dictionary) International, a respected data analysis firm since 1999, have released figures that show a huge spike in sales against the first quarter of this year and last year. Laptop shipments topped 698,000 in the second quarter of 2005, a whopping 22 percent up on last year, and 7 percent up on the first quarter 2005.

Lenovo, recently in the news for acquiring the IBM laptop division are top sellers with Dell and HP closely following. These statistical wizards are also predicting that 3.3 million laptops will be sold this year, growing to almost 10 million in just four years.

Now, after all those figures, to wake you up you probably need more cold showers than Albert Einstein after he met Marylyn Monroe, so what does all this number crunching mean?

Well, China is the one to watch, laptop sales are great in the west, 45.8 up year on year (IDC results in for the EMEA – Europe, Middle-East and Africa) region, – but China has the largest population with 20% of the world being Chinese. You don’t need a fortune cookie to tell you the potential there is unbelievable.

Any growth in any sector in China should be closely watched, and with laptops holding the world attention right now, China is a great indicator of just how much we now live in a smaller but certainly mobile world.

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By Ian Bandy

Monday, August 08, 2005