Ergonomically Friendly – The Laptop Desk

If you suffer from leg burns caused from constant laptop overheating, or that aggravating neck and shoulder strain sustained from awkward typing positions, Jose Calero may be your man. Calero, the developer of the Laptop Desk and president of LapWorks Inc, went into business just over five years ago to create laptop aids that take these kinds of hassles out of mobile computing.

Calero spent nearly three years studying the industry to determine the top hazards of using a laptop, to both the user and the computer itself. Of course, the leading “cause of death” is, naturally, a laptop crashing to the floor.

His research also revealed that the second-leading laptop problem is overheating – which can lead to unfortunate incidents…..Such as the time the editor was locked into a game of Medieval war, for research purposes of course. After over 12 hours continuous play, the loveable Ed’s bottom grapes (allegedly) flared up to exceedingly uncomfortable levels, leading to a brief, but embarrassing, period of cottage hospitalisation.

Laptops, of course, indicate that, by their very name, they are made largely to be used on a person’s lap, for convenience and mobility. But laptoppers soon started making noise when stories linking notebooks to infertility surfaced.

Luckily LapWorks have a tool, made expressly to ensure burn – and slip-free lap typing, while also cooling the computer – The Laptop Desk.

In April 2002, the Laptop Desk v2.0 became the industry’s first dual-purpose lap desk, which doubles as a desktop stand for more ergonomically-correct typing on desks. The Laptop Desk UltraLite followed in 2004.

And, for your latest cooling and typing pleasure, LapWorks put Laptop Legs (for PCs) and Mac Feet (for Macs) on the market in March. The “legs” and “feet” attach to the bottom of your notebook, which elevate it, eliminating possible future carpal-tunnel syndrome and visits to the nearest hospital’s burn unit.

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